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At some point in his life, it is quite possible to have a big project out of his budget. However, financial entities offer credits in order to realize them. But these are only granted to people with a stable job. Indeed, it is a guarantee of the ability to repay. This is so in the case of public servants. Thus, if they find themselves in a critical situation, make a request for repurchase credit official is a solution that can be adopted.

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There are three requirements for a credit surrender application to be accepted. First, the applicant must live in the French territory, then it is necessary that the rate of his unpaid does not exceed 33%, and finally, it is essential that he works and that his salary can be the guarantor of the refund of his loans.

However, he is obliged to provide numerous files such as his payslips, his situation in the professional setting, and documents containing the movements of his bank account.

The application to buy credit from a person working in a company, especially if it is a public entity, is more likely to be granted than that of an individual working on his own behalf. Banks always refer to the professional stability of the applicant.

As a result, being a self-employed worker decreases the possibility of obtaining a credit surrender. This does not necessarily mean that the application can not be approved in any case. But since the sustainability of private professions is not certain, the entities offering this offer critically evaluate the borrower’s file.

The choice of officials to buy back their loans

Different types of borrowing choices are offered by credit agencies for real estate owners. There is the mixed formula with which a buyback of real estate loan and a pool of credits consumption is possible. But, it is possible that only one of the two offers interests the borrower.

For those who are not owners, these two proposals are not generally granted to them. But in the case where another person, family, for example, agrees to guarantee his contract, an approval is possible.

Debt officials, what solution?

Regarding public service employees, fixed or variable or modifiable interest rates are offered to them. The duration given for the repayment of unpaid debts varies according to the loan file presented to the creditor. But, it can be extended from 10 to 25 years or even 50 years.

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In addition, this option increases the chances that the application will be granted and that a time saving is possible.

However each case is unique, nothing guarantees the acceptability of your file before the study by your specialist. You must wait for this study before drawing any conclusions.

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