Money loan for the purchase of a car

For a new car you can put money aside, but it is also possible to make money available by means of a loan for the purchase of a car. 

Geld lening voor de aankoop van een auto

When you purchase a brand new car, you will usually lose a considerable amount.

This can cost a lot of savings and because you undoubtedly want a financial buffer to absorb setbacks, it may be a good idea to take out a loan for a new car. The loan can be taken out with a bank or a lender.

Personal loan

Many consumers finance the purchase of a car through a personal loan. A personal loan can be taken out with the bank or other lenders. When purchasing a car, it is also possible to request a loan from the ANWB and Autoweek. A personal loan has a fixed term and a fixed interest rate. The big advantage of these features is that you know where you stand. You know exactly how long the period in which you repay the loan and you also know what you repay on a monthly basis.

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Benefits personal loan when buying a car

If you are going to buy a new car it can be very useful to request a personal loan. You can then (in consultation with the lender) adjust the term of the loan to the lifetime of the car. This way you can prevent that you have another loan, while the car for which you have taken out the loan is already worn out or is greatly reduced in value. It is therefore necessary to carefully study the technical details of the vehicle and maintain economical driving behavior to ensure a long service life of your vehicle.


Another option to finance the purchase of a car is financial lease. When you decide to lease a car, you are guaranteed a fixed term and fixed costs. You know exactly where you stand when you lease a car. When you opt for a financial lease, you often first have a down payment, then you pay monthly installments and there is a final installment. It is very important that you have an eye for the final installment, as it has to be paid at the end of the term.

Special actions

Apart from a personal loan or financial lease, various car brands or companies offer the possibility to pay the car in two installments by means of special promotions. In that case no interest is charged. However, the outstanding amount must be paid when the car has been debited. If you do not have enough financial means to pay the second installment, the car can be taken or you will still have to take out a loan. This option is therefore particularly advantageous if you have the opportunity to make a substantial payment in two installments.

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Private equity mortgage loan: get liquidity

The private equity mortgage loan is an absolutely feasible option when it comes to obtaining liquidity.

 Mortgage loans with asnef or rai

What is really very important, from the point of view of the client, is to be clear from the beginning where the financial need lies and, above all, what is its financial profile.

What is a private equity mortgage loan?

A private equity mortgage loan is, as its name suggests, a loan for an amount of money in which the borrower (or a guarantor) has to provide a property that acts as a guarantee (floor, house, villa, commercial premises … ).

The entities that make private equity loans with mortgage guarantee are essential to comply with the requirements established in Law 2/2009, of March 31, which regulates the contracting with consumers of loans or mortgage loans and brokerage services for the conclusion of loan or credit agreements. Among other issues, said law makes the registration of all the companies dedicated to the realization of this type of loans obligatory in an Aecosan Registry .

Differences between different types of loans?

It is key for a good financial advisor to be able to identify and differentiate the different types of loans that exist in the market and, above all, he must be aware of both the financial profile of his client and the concrete need for liquidity to be able to direct him towards a solution suitable for your specific case.

It is important to differentiate private equity mortgage loans from mortgage loans to buy housing ; although in both cases it is necessary that there is a property that acts as a guarantee, they are two totally different types of loans that have nothing to do with each other.

To begin with, the legislation regulating both types of loans is totally different, leaving the mortgage loans to buy housing in exclusive land of the banking entities.

Another crucial aspect that any individual must have clear before going out to look for financing to the market is the difference between a loan with mortgage guarantee and a personal loan.

In personal loans, the main criterion that will be taken into account at the time of granting the loan will be the level of income that has, the type of contract that is enjoyed and the lack of a history of default or delinquency in the client (this is the appearance in any delinquency file), while in a loan with mortgage guarantee the fundamental requirement is to have a property that acts as a guarantee , whether the owner is the client itself or whether it is provided by someone willing and willing to endorse.

Personal loans are recommended especially when the money is going to be invested in what is known as consumption (buy a car or a motorcycle, take a trip, celebrate a wedding or a communion …) and when the amount requested is small or, in any case not very large (for example, less than € 6,000).

When is the private equity mortgage loan the best option?

Private equity mortgage loans are the best financing option when any of the following circumstances occur:

  • The amount is medium or large, superior in any case to € 6,000
  • There is no possibility of accessing bank financing, usually due to the appearance in some type of delinquency file (rai, …)
  • What you intend to do is a reunification of debt or cancellation of an embargo , to group the outstanding debts into one and thus obtain a lower monthly fee.
  • Finance the expenses of an inheritance.
  • If you intend to sell a property and seek liquidity until the sale occurs.
  • For self-employed or people with stable income but with short-term contracts.

Loans with mortgage guarantee from € 6,000

We make loans with mortgage guarantee from € 6,000. Under that amount it is not advisable or feasible to make a mortgage loan. The maximum amount that the client may request is 30% of the current real sale value of the property that acts as a guarantee.

Mortgage loans

Private equity mortgage loans can be made independently of the appearance in delinquency files such as . In fact, if the client is in one of these files, the only possible financing option in the market is precisely this one.

Loans with mortgage guarantee to reunify debts

If what is sought is to make a reunification of different debts and loans that a client has to give viability to their payment by refinancing with a lower quota, the private equity mortgage loan is without a doubt the best option. And not only for the fact of distributing this debt between more years but this is produced, above all, by the fact that the interest rates of these loans are usually, in general, lower than the interest rates of personal loans and credit cards, which represent 90% of the existing debts in cases of debt reunification. In this way, the fee payable each month can be reduced in some cases to half of the amount paid monthly before realizing the regrouping.

Loans with mortgage guarantee to finance inheritance expenses

Receiving an inheritance can become, depending on the case, an authentic nightmare. Accepting an inheritance means paying in advance a series of essential expenses to be able to award you the inherited property; We can separate these expenses into two large groups:

  • Notary fees, lawyers, registration …
  • Inheritance tax

According to the autonomous community in question, and the degree of kinship with the deceased, these expenses can become totally unaffordable, especially taxes, generating a financial problem for the future of an heir that can be very difficult to solve. Subsequent

Private equity mortgage loans offer the possibility of financing these expenses , making their payment feasible by paying comfortable monthly fees, and above all they make it viable to obtain financing before the client has the property registered in his name. in the Land Registry saving the additional expenses derived from delays and delays in the payment of taxes and other fees, since this type of loans are signed in the notary in the same act in which the inheritance is accepted.

Mortgage loans while selling a home

The private equity mortgage loan is also highly recommended when you are selling a home or property. First of all, this implies three advantages to be taken into account regarding the same type of loan when this property is not being sold:

  1. In the first place, in these cases, 40% of the current real sale value of the property that acts as a guarantee can be lent.
  2. It is not necessary to provide income, since the sale of the property justifies the repayment of the loan
  3. The comfort in the return of the loan is greater, since in these cases no monthly payment is applied and the loan is returned once the property is sold within the agreed term.

In this way you can get a sufficient liquidity to allow yourself to wait in the market until you get a good sale of the property and not have to “sell it”.

The two key criteria for granting a home equity loan

Once a feasible request arrives to our office, we study its viability through the basic documentation provided by the client. It is important to bear in mind that in this type of loans it is also essential to have some type of income (except for a property that is being sold) in order to obtain a positive rating.

The award criteria that we follow in our office are very simple and can be summarized basically in two very clear factors :

  • The total amount of the loan must not exceed 30% of the current real sale value of the property that acts as a guarantee (40% if there is a sale of a property).
  • There must be sufficient income to be able to cope with the monthly installment comfortably (the monthly fee to apply should not exceed in any case 35% of the income of all participants in the operation).

If you are identified in any of these situations reflected in the article, do not hesitate to contact us and request your free study without commitment to our financial analysts.


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How does it apply for a loan?

You would like to apply for a loan, but how does it work and what happens after you have requested a free quote?

 Step 1. Calculate your loan and request an online quotation free of obligation

Step 1. Calculate your loan and request an online quotation free of obligation

At our company you can apply for a loan online. You first choose the desired loan amount and the desired loan form: a revolving credit or a personal loan. You then choose the term or monthly payment you want to repay the loan. Once you have calculated your desired loan, you can request a free quote online. When you have completed the quotation, you will receive an e-mail within 10 minutes. In this e-mail we will inform you whether the desired loan is justified in your personal and financial situation.

Step 2. Upload provisional agreement and data

Does the desired loan fit your personal and financial situation? Then you will receive a free quote from us by e-mail. In this offer you will find more information about the loan form, credit amount, monthly amount and the interest rate. Do you want to make use of the offer? Then you can upload the signed quotation with a number of documents such as a recent payslip, bank statement and copy of ID in your own secure online environment. In your secure personal online environment you can see which information we need from you, as this differs per situation and per person. In this e-mail you will also receive a link to your personal upload page where you can securely upload all requested documents. When you have uploaded all documents, your loan is not immediately definitive. We first review all data and on this basis we assess the application.

Step 3. Our company assesses your application

On the basis of your application and the submitted documents, we will review your application on the basis of our assessment criteria. We look, among other things, whether you meet all the conditions for responsible lending. Below you will find a number of important assessment criteria at a glance:

1. Income

You must be able to prove that you have a fixed income, such as a salary. For example, you are not eligible for a loan with a student grant or WW benefit. We think it is important that the desired loan is justified in every situation.

2. Living in the Netherlands

Only residents of the Netherlands can apply for a loan from our company.

3. Complying with financial obligations

From the documents and data you provide, such as a bank statement, we have to be able to determine whether you can meet your current financial obligations by paying back the loan properly.

4. Minimum and maximum age at the conclusion of a loan

A minimum and maximum age applies to the taking out of a loan. The minimum age to apply for a loan with our company is 21 years. The maximum age for taking out a revolving credit is 64 years and 68 years for a personal loan. In order to avoid having a large credit debt at the start of your pension and on your old age, you must have repaid the loan before your 70th birthday.

Step 4. our company will transfer the money to you

After we have reassessed all documents, you will receive a final assessment by e-mail. If your application is approved, we will transfer the desired loan amount to your bank account. It takes about 1-2 business days before the money is in your bank account.

Step 5. Welcome 

You will receive a welcome e-mail from us in which all details of your loan are explained once again. You also get access to your own personal online environment; My our company. Here you can arrange everything for your loan safely and easily online. To be able to use Mijn our company, you must first register. You can easily register for Mijn our company.


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Access our personal loans quickly

Personal loans are finally accessible to those customers who really need it.

 How to get a personal loan ?

With us, the people can request cash even if they do not meet the requirements that are required by traditional lenders.

Currently and thanks to the facilities offered by us, users are taking advantage of the opportunity to get loans to suit them, since they are the same clients who determine what amount they need and in what term they promise to return it.

The satisfaction and amazement of the citizens of an online loan system such as that offered by us is reflected in the high consultation rates and the loyalty that the site is achieving among its customers.

How to get a personal loan ?

It can be said that, at present, there are two ways to get personal loans ; the traditional one, through the financial entities with its restrictive policies and clauses, and the new and open form offered by us.

The people , tired of pilgrimage by financial institutions and not always find the expected results, are opting massively for the alternative of us, which lends you the money you need without having to leave your home, submit a lot of documentation, nor make tedious rows to deal with unwilling employees.

Undoubtedly, us is the safest option to get loans .

Requirements to apply for loans instantly

Although the requirements depend on the entity that grants the loan, the requirements common to all traditional loan institutions require the client to be of legal age, have the current National Identity Document, the latest salary receipts and a tax return or service in your name.

With us, the requirements do not represent an impediment to obtaining the personal loan you need, in a comfortable and secure manner. Only be of legal age, have a bank account in your name and have regular income.

Loans you get

The loan history of the clients collected by the is the acid test that not everyone can go through and of which us decides not to use his loans, because he understands that those who are in the list are those who need more help.

If you have tried all the traditional loan institutions without success because the does not favor you, us may be the option you are looking for or without him, enter the our web platform and get the personal loan you want so much, without complications.


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Get started on loan and receive money instantly

Loan providers dedicated to give quick loans on the internet with high interest rates with the advantage that you can get the money instantly even in 15 minutes.


With immediate credit if the person asking for the money has an account with the same bank Loan providers works with . Its activity is focused on the sector of the so-called Mini-loans.

The minimum amount they grant is 50 euros and the maximum of 900 euros. However, keep in mind that in the first loan the maximum amount granted is 300 euros.

Necessary requirements to loan

The requirements that Loan providers requests to loan money urgently to the applicant:

  • must be between 21 and 75 years old and
  • not appear in any record of defaulter, nor rai asnef, equifax or simiolres,
  • send a copy of the National Identity Document – DNI,
  • have an account opened in a bank and send the account number or IBAN code account where payment of the loan money will be made later.
  • Have a mobile phone and an email both operating

How to request a mini credit in

Do you want to ask for fast and urgent money in this financial ?
It is very simple and in 5 minutes you will have completed all the information requested.
– Enter your website www.Loan providers and check that you are shown a selector or simulator with the minimum amount of 50 euros and the maximum amount of 900 euros. The maximum maturity to amortize the loan: 30 days in this case.
– Select the amount. How will be the first time you ask for money. You can not ask for more than 300 euros. The advantage is that the first credit can be free.
– Fill in all the fields of the form that are the minimum data that the financial needs and it gives you to send.
– You will receive an answer instantly and if the answer is positive and you are granted the credit, you receive the money in 10 minutes.

Are Loan providers Fast Loans Reliable?

Is it reliable to borrow money from Loan providers? Is Loan providers Loans Secure ? : Request money at Loan providers is safe and can be trusted as it is a legally established company with its website duly registered with your nif and Mercantile Registry data. However, the cost of asking for fast money is very high and the interest is very high so other means of getting the money should be tried.

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What is a personal loan? And how does it work?

With a personal loan you get the amount you want to borrow in one go into your account from a bank or other lender.

 Excluding personal loans

You pay a fixed amount of repayment and interest each month to repay the loan. Unlike a revolving credit , a personal loan has a fixed payment term and often a lower interest rate. This means you know exactly where you stand and when the loan has been repaid.

What can this loan be used for?

The main reasons why people want to use a personal loan are:

  • Buying a car
  • Adjustments to the home
  • Buying a holiday home
  • Paying medical costs

Also, this loan form is often chosen when you want to transfer various credits such as a revolving credit or a credit at a department store. This allows the monthly payment to be reduced and / or the interest to be reduced.

Interest and redemption

The amount you pay to the bank or lender every month is determined for you. You can not determine this yourself. You pay the same amount every month. In this monthly amount is part repayment and part interest. You pay interest on the part of the loan that you have not yet repaid. As a result, the part you pay for repayment becomes larger and the interest portion becomes smaller and smaller.

The interest depends on various factors. For example, the level of the interest rate has to do with the market interest that the lender himself has to pay over the money. The higher the market interest rate, the higher the interest on the personal loan. In addition, the level of interest also has to do with:

  • The amount of the loan
  • Collateral
  • Duration
  • Personal risk profile
  • Additional insurance

Not everyone therefore has the same interest rate. There can be almost 10% difference between the highest and the lowest rate. This is possible because of the personal situation, but also because of the rates that the lenders use. For example, there may be up to 8% difference between credit providers for the same personal loan. Know the level of your interest? Our credit specialists will gladly help you determine the interest of your personal loan. Click here.

How do I qualify and how much can I borrow?

As with all other loans, you qualify for a personal loan by calculating the borrowing capacity on the basis of your income, fixed expenses and any other debts or credit profile. A check will also be carried out at the BKR (Credit Registration Office). This check is to check your payment morality. On the basis of this information, the amount of your possible loan is also determined. Your marital status and type of home also play a role in this. It is therefore not possible to say exactly in advance how much you can borrow and whether you are eligible for a personal loan. The maximum amount that can be lent on a consumer basis is € 75,000.

Reimburse personal loan

If you have taken out a personal loan with an amount of less than € 40,000, then you are legally entitled to repay the loan early. With higher amounts, the loan agreement often states the extent to which you can redeem early. If you repay early, the lender misses part of the interest and may charge a fine. This differs per provider, but the fine must comply with European directives.

Benefits personal loan

  • A fixed term, so you know exactly when you are ready to pay off.
  • A fixed amount of interest and repayment every month.
  • The interest is fixed.
  • Direct access to the loan amount.
  • Interest deducting from the tax, if you use the borrowed money for the purchase, improvement or maintenance of the property.

Disadvantages personal credit

  • Redeemed amount can not be withdrawn again.
  • Interim repayment often not possible without penalty.

Excluding personal loans

If you have multiple personal loans, you can choose to merge them into a well-organized loan with often lower interest rates. Do you have one loan but do you want to ensure that you pay a lower interest rate on your loan? Then you can see if it pays to transfer your loan. Our credit specialists are happy to help you to see if you can save in this way. They give you expert advice and arrange it for you when a saving is possible. As a result, you can not only lower interest rates, but also reduce the term in most cases. Get in touch with our credit department? 

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